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BGA Rework station


Double Illumination:Through double illumination, the base of the chips can be seen clearly in all directions; and the melting condition of the stannum can be also observed.

Online Control The temperature curve is recorded on the special control process and the interface is intuitionistic and clear.

Three-temperature Area Design:Preheating area; hot air on the top and on the base; flux of adjustable hot air; Slightly tune the supporting height; hyper temperature protection. Easy Disassembly:The structure of the whole machine is designed by the unique easy disassembly, which is convenient to replace the electric accessories.


Product Characteristics

  • Hot air rework station; the heating materials of the top and base hot air are import long-life heating elements, and are processed through special insulation and heating; and its heating temperature is well-proportioned; and it is wearing well.
  • Supporting design in the three-temperature area; slightly tunable supporting height; limiting the sinkage of the soldering area.
  • Flux of adjustable hot air on the top; the flux varies from BGA chips; more accurate temperature; and it won’t demolish the bridge easily.
  • Separate temperature control of the hot air on the top and on the base; 10 16-segment settings of temperature curves can be stored.
  • Average cooling of the constant-current machine; PCB can not be distorted easily.
  • Hyper temperature protection; the heating elements will cut off automatically.
  • It can be well used on lead and lead-free soldering; at the same time, we will also provide the frequently-used reference curves.
  • The mechanical parts are processed through oxidation and plus-thickness materials to avoid the distortion of it furthest.
  • The top heating part uses the mobile design of X, Y - axes of the slap-up products, which is more convenient to make all kinds of abnormity boards and variable lead products can be used as two-temperature area(according to the experience, the effects of some lead products and two-temperature areas are better than three-temperature area).
  • The first, second and preheating area can be operated separately and can implement the functions of planting and dryness.
  • The whole machine is designed by the unique easy-disassembly; it is easy to replace the electric accessories; quick maintenance; high durability.