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 QLK logohttp://www.quartzlock.com/

Excellence in Precise and Ultra Low Noise Frequency Standards / Time References and Stability Analyzers

Our Brand of 50 years, Team, IPR, Active Hydrogen Maser based standards laboratory are serving National Measurement Institutes with low noise “Galileo Time” Service solutions, defence timing and frequency control, sat-coms, industrial production test, oscillator development, surveillance, calibration labaoratory, HDTV, wired and wireless telecoms and many other applications for Quartzlock’s Very Low Noise economic frequency references, distribution amplifiers, active noise filters and stability analysis products.

Quartzlock have Close in Phase Noise of -123dBc/Hz@1Hz offset options on all E8000 GPS and A/E1000 Rubidium Frequency Standards and -110dBc/Hz as standard specification . All Rubidium oscillators have a 3 year warranty. Our A7-MX Signal Stability Analyzer has Close-in Noise Floor of -130dBc/Hz@1Hz offset, 5 x 10-14/s and 50fs single shot resolution. Rapid, simultaneous, real time graphing of Phase Noise, Short Term Stability AVAR (1ms out to >2 years) and Phase Data. The A7-MX has great flexibility and simplicity in use. Integrity of measurement is paramount at Quartzlock. The A7-MX has a fully detailed specification, including drift and errors.