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Welcome to Tekbox Digital Solutions         

TekBox with its two locations in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City developes and manufactures products for environmental monitoring and agricultural yield applications. We are focused on the SDI-12 bus standard, a solid backbone for low power, digital sensor networks. We also carry out hardware and firmware development services to the quickly growing GPS,GSM and M2M market. Another key focus area of our design activities is LED based automotive lighting. Our services cover the complete product development process - specification, hardware design, firmware design, industrial design, prototyping, field testing and production support. With our in-house assembly capabilities and an established network of partners for industrial design, tooling and volume manufacturing, we can considerably reduce your time to market.


TBTC1 TEM Cell for EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

Radiated emission tests are typically carried out in anechoic chambers, using antennas to pick up the radiated signals. Due to bandwidth limitations, several antennas are required to cover the complete frequency range. Furthermore, it requires much space and the cost of the equipment for a standard conformant setup is immense.
An engineer of a small or medium size enterprise usually has to rely on his experience and on best practice methods in order to design an EMC compliant product. Nevertheless, it is estimated that > 50% of products fail testing first time around. Anytime an engineer sends a new product for compliance testing, it is a shot in the dark. Failing is very expensive. Not only that re-testing costs are high, but also the project schedule and market introduction gets delayed.
What is needed is an affordable laboratory set up to measure radiated emissions in the own lab, prior to compliance testing. A TEM cell is the right piece of equipment for desktop testing of radiated emissions. Tekbox developed the TBTC1 to cover the complete frequency range up to 2GHz and with usability even at frequencies beyond.
Combined with a spectrum analyzer, products can be tested before and after EMC related design modifications.  A set up with a TEM cell will not deliver exactly the same quantitative results as a measurement in a certified test house, however it will give an excellent indication on whether the design suffers from excessive radiated noise or not.  The engineer will clearly see, whether his changes improved or deteriorated the EMC performance or whether it remained unchanged. The TBTC1 eliminates the guesswork.










SDI-12 Products

We are offering a range of sensors for environmental and agricultural applications. Furthermore we offer a comprehensive range of converters to integrate conventional sensors into SDI-12 sensor networks. We are continuously working on expanding our sensor and converter portfolio.