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BarTector - Verification, Traceability and More...

Component verification system to prevent loading of wrong part number the placement machine. We are the first in the industry to introduce component verification concept 10 years ago and continue to be the leader in this area. Our concept of open system allows users to customize data reporting or integrate with users' own MES or MRP Systems.

Dr. Storage
Ultra Low humidity dry box for storage of MSD component. The dry box has modular design for easy field repair and upgrade.

HumiTel Software and Sensor
A system of hardware and software designed for Moisture Sensitive Device control. The HumiTel software automates the MSD control to prevent error commonly seen in a manual system. HumiTel is also closely integrated with BarTector. The MSD floor life calculation from HumiTel is passed to BarTector in near real time. For example, if the floor life of a particular reel has expired, BarTector will not allow this reel from placing on the placement machine.

The HumiTel hardware sensor is designed to be placed inside the Moisture Barrier bag (MBB) along with the MSD. The integrated RF transmitter allow reading of Humidity and Temperature from outside of the MBB. The HumiTel sensor is perfect for reliable storage and transport of high value MSD