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Specialized Power Solutions for the Industrial and Scientific Communities .

Welcome to Amp-Line Corp., a world class manufacturer of general and special purpose linear power supplies and power amplifiers. We serve a broad range of markets ranging from manufacturing industries, military to universities and government research organizations.

Amp-Line Corp.’s products include broadband solid state audio frequency and ultra-sound frequency (RF) power amplifiers, power sources such as constant current sources, constant voltage sources, frequency converters and plasma power supplies.

Our products are utilized in applications such as testing of Helmholtz coils, piezo elements, circuit breakers, lamps, watt-meters, transformers, inductors, capacitors, etc. Our products are also widely used for plasma excitation, dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), semiconductor processing, induction heating, EMC testing, EMI testing, and magnetic field generation.

Amp-Line Corp.’s world-wide customer base can attest to our strong customer relationships, and our ability to assist them in their testing and research needs.  We welcome the opportunity to answer your inquiries and discuss specific requirements.