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For 30 years, Hi-Techniques has developed increasingly powerful, high performance Data Acquisition Systems. We started with a clean sheet of paper in developing Synergy. The design goal was simple to leverage emerging technology to design the most capable, most flexible and most complete Data Acquisition System in the world.

  The Synergy P mainframe supports up to 4 input modules capable of up to 64 channels in a portable, self-contained chassis. Mix and match input modules in any configuration or choose one of the economical bundled configurations.  


Houses 4 input modules
16 input channels @ 2 MS/s each
500 kS/s streaming to disk on all channels
Up to 64 input channels @ 100 kS/s with high density module
Integrated Core I3 PC with touchscreen display (I7 upgrade available)

Dual video support enables simultaneous analysis and display of data
Integrated 500GB hard drive and internal DVD-RW
Dual GigE enables simultaneous connection to external PC and corporate backbone
Master/Slave interface enables multiple units to start/stop and acquire simultaneously
Optional IRIG/GPS interfaces enables time stamping of data