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VisiSonics  leverages world-class scientific discovery to add a third dimension to the sound you hear electronically, bringing 3D sound to gaming, virtual reality, and entertainment (movies and music) platforms. In addition, through its advanced RealSpace™ Audio Panoramic Camera, VisiSonics can capture, measure, analyze and reproduce natural,                                                                             fully dimensional sound in any environment.


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The VisiSonics Audio/Visual Camera consists of 5 video cameras and 64 microphones mounted on the surface of an aluminum sphere. The spherical architecture and associated algorithms allow the creation of an omni-directional acoustic image of the environment. Meanwhile, the video camera array generates an associated omni-directional panoramic visual image of the same environment. These images are synchronized and co-registered using patented algorithms to produce a live audio-visual stream. The convergence of audio and video capture allows for the visualization of sound sources and their interaction with the environment to be understood in real-time.

With the "Camera," users can capture, store, retrieve and process real-time integrated and synchronized audio and visual information. The captured data incorporates all aspects of the audiovisual world that an individual would experience if he or she were physically present where the Audio/Visual Camera were located. The processing software and storage system allows you to do this in real-time or on stored data.

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RealSpace™ 3D Audio is the virtual placement of sound anywhere in 3-D space with pin-point accuracy, creating the perception of real source direction, distance, depth, and movement relative to the listener and heard through standard stereo headphones. It recreates the auditory ambience of the environment, creating a complete immersive audio experience. VisiSonics’ developed the proprietary science-based algorithms and hardware giving the listener the experience of actually being present in the scene.