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The ORBIT Electronics Group specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and qualification of HSI (Human Systems Interface) Products for Aerospace, Military and Severe Environment applications.   
Additionally, our capabilities include the design, development and manufacture of custom electronic components and subsystems, including VPX/VME Chassis and accessories specifically configured for rugged Aerospace, Military and Severe Environment applications.


  • Rugged HSI (Human Systems Interface) Devices
  • Remote Control Units (RCU’s) and Control Panels (CP’s)
  • Control Display Units (CDU’s)
  • Touch and Smart Integrated Flat Panel Displays (FPD’s)
  • Integrated Switch Panels
  • Keyboards / Keypads
  • Cursor Controls / Trackballs
  • Hand Held-Control Display Units (HH-CDU’s)
  • Tablets and Smart Touch Tablets
  • VME/VPX Chassis, Backplanes and Platform Health Monitoring Solutions

Niche Market

  • Orbit Instrument Division custom engineers COTS products for Rugged Aerospace & Military applications
    • Custom software and hardware solutions
    • Engineered to meet military specifications:
      •  Environments per: MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-167, DO-160
      •  EMI/EMC per MIL-STD-461 & DO-160
      •  NVIS compatible lighting per MIL-STD-3009


Sample Program/Project  Applications
Naval Shipboard
TTWCS Console: Keyboard  
UYQ-21 Console: Keyboard, Trackball, Switch Panel, LS-653 Comm Panel, Color Entry Panel
UYA-4 Console: Keyboard, Trackball and SAS Comm Panel; LSD Class: SAS Comm Panel Upgrade
LHA Upgrade: 12.1” and 20.1” Flat Panel Displays, Audio Comm Panel
CVN-78 MCS: 20.1” Display Panels & 6.5” Smart Displays

orbit naval ship






Avionics Programs
CH-47, CH-53 & HH-60: Helicopter 8.4" LCD Panel
CHINOOK: 8.4” Tablet, Touch Control Display;
CH-47, CH-53 & HH-60: Helicopter 8.4" LCD Panel
F-16: 10.4" LCD Display Aft Seat Configuration;
F-18 Bezels/Switch Panel;
F-22 APMFD Bezel B-52: 10.4" LCD Display;
P-8A: 12.1” Ordnance Display; V-22: 12.1" Common Weapons Display  
P3C & DASH-8: 15”(L) Mission Touch Displays; Airborne Surveillance Aircraft: 15"(P) LCD Display  
Multi A/C: IFF Transponder (APX 117, 118, 119, 123 & CXP): RCU (Remote Control Units)  
E-2D, E-2C/T: Keyboard, Trackball & Keypad;
EA-6B ICAP III/J-STARS: Keyboard / Pointing Device
E-2D: Operator Displays; J-STARS: Keyboard & Pointing Device;
AC-130: Weapons Control Panel

orbit avionics







Vehicular & Mobile Ground Applications
Fire-Finder TPQ-36 & 37: Control Display Unit and Trackball
MSM-7 TRV, MPN-14K & TPN-19 PAR: 10.4” & 12.1” Weather Displays
SiVan: 12.1” & 15” Network Interconnect Displays
MRAP & Special Ops Vehicles: 15" LCD Display, JLTV Prototypes: 12” & 15” LCD Displays
TALIN, LAV III, M777 Howitzer & Chaparral: CDU (Control Display Units)
CHUN MA: VHI (Vehicle Heading Indicator) & CDU (Control Display Units)
AAAV: Data Entry Devices

orbit vehicular







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