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Leading the way for over 40 years with innovation and quality solutions

Diagnosys designs, manufactures and markets a range of automatic test equipment and services for the support and maintenance of high value electronic circuits.
Working mainly in the defence, mass transit and industrial sectors, Diagnosys provides support, repair, refurbishment and remanufacture of PCB’s as well as comprehensive obsolescence management. We provide solutions for electronic fault finding, conformal coating removal and diagnostic testing in any complex electronic systems, to help keep your electronic circuits working with extended life.



With the increasing adoption of COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) capabilities and technologies, the through-life support of electronic platforms poses many challenges including obsolescence, skills fade, lack of PP Alphainformation, No Fault Found (NFF) and depleted spares.

These challenges must be overcome and equipment returned to operational status efficiently, cost effectively and in a safe working condition.

Benefits of using Diagnosys:

  • Extending operational life and enhancing safety
  • Increased asset availability and shorter repair times
  • Support for legacy and third party equipment
  • Ease-of-use for rapid deployment
  • Proven track-record with worldwide defence users

Products for Defence

PinPoint II R

The PinPoint II R provides industry leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging circuits. Allowing you to select and apply different test techniques on a single circuit, comprehensive fault coverage is ensured. read more


The S790 series 2, with its advanced hardware technology, represents the ultimate high-performance, mixed signal ATE system. read more

PinPoint UDA

In the UDA (Universal Design Architecture) format, the PinPoint technology is available in an industry standard 19” rack-mounted format. read more
Device Test Interfaces

A good, repeatable and robust physical electrical connection is essential for the quality testing of any electronic component. read more

AutoPoint DT

The AutoPoint DT system is a small desk-top flying probe system that provides automatic probing of an electronic circuit. read more


The CRS8000 coating removal workstation is a fully self-contained, non-chemical bench top workstation designed for the removal of conformal coatings. read more