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Tunable Filter Instruments, Active Filters components

Frequency Devices’ Model 950 instruments furnish the user with an 8-pole low-pass or high-pass filter that is tunable by front panel controls. The controls allow the user to select a corner frequency between 10 Hz and 50 kHz with 6 steps from each of two selectable ranges.

The instrument exhibits an input impedance of 1 MW shunted by 47pF to a single ended signal source. When configured in the differential mode, the instrument has a common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) which exceeds 60dB; in this mode the instrument presents an input impedance of 2 MW shunted by 47pF to a double ended single source. Front panel gain control also enables the operator to select a gain factor of 0, 10, or 20dB.

Standard operational features include:

  •     Adjustable Frequency Control
  •     Differential Input Amplifiers
  •     Adjustable Gain Control
  •     Off-set Adjustment
  •     BNC ConnectorsforSignal l/O

    Compact size and manual rotary switch front panel controls make 950 instruments a popular, cost effective, easy-to-use solution for signal conditioning applications in the following areas:

  •     Anti-aliasing Filters
  •     Biomedical/Biotechnology Applications
  •     Data Recording/Playback
  •     Data Smoothing
  •     EKG/EEG Signal Filtering
  •     FDM/PCM Signal Filtering
  •     Medical Research
  •     Industrial Process Control
  •     Seismic Analysis
  •     Vibration Analysis