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Batemika  d.o.o
Slap 57
5271 Vipava
Slovenia, EU



Batemika iis an innovative company dedicated to the development of specialized equipment in thermometry and temperature metrology. Their knowledge is based on over fifteen years of working experience in a national metrology institute, so They are certainly familiar with issues that a metrologist is facing on daily basis. Combining this knowledge with our engineering background they are able to produce state-of-the-art measurement solutions, taking no compromise on neither metrological characteristics nor user experience.
Founders of Batemika, dr. Valentin Batagelj and dr. Andra┼ż Miklavec, started the development of our first major product in 2011. The three-channel thermometer readout UT-ONE is a breakthrough in thermometry equipment with its excellent accuracy, user-friendly interface with colour display and touch screen, huge logging memory, battery operation, USB and serial communication interfaces, and much more at an unbeatable price. UT-ONE can measure platinum resistance probes, thermistors and thermocouples, as well as ambient air temperature and relative humidity.
Batemika is also specialized in the development of measurement software for calibration laboratories. They have in-depth knowledge of thermometry calibrations, so they can consult you on measurement procedures and uncertainty evaluation. The main advantage of our software is that each solution is custom made for the particular customer, taking into account your particular equipment, calibration procedures and particular requirements.
Their aim is not to be the largest company in the field of thermometry, their aim is to be the leading company at their niche products. They value the relations with our customers and strive to support you with solutions to your daily problems. Contact them and become their customer now!






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