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hackettstown building

At its core, brilliant engineering isn’t about creating things but solving problems. We enjoy the reputation that we have because we’ve been providing the optimum solutions for our clients for close to fifty years––our innovations make their innovations possible.

Some of the most well-known companies in the world rely on TDI Power for a wide range of cutting-edge power-based technology for an incredibly diverse range of applications in a disparate array of industries. This has given us exposure to a very broad skill set––one of our most unique selling points––and has enabled TDI Power to diversify our customer base while at the same time providing insights into new industries and applications that will help further our growth. Coupled with an industry-leading R&D commitment, this puts us in a strong position to expand our capabilities both through adapting existing technology for new uses as well as continue pioneering brand new products.

TDI Power’s reputation for success serves us well in attracting new clients and increasing our business.    While our growth has been fueled by many industries, such diversity wasn’t by chance.  We have focused on high-end and high-tec ,opportunities.  Our objective is to differentiate ourselves by becoming the indispensable power partner to a select group of customers who specifically benefit from our sophisticated, problem-solving expertise.

TDI Power is vertically and strategically organized to develop, qualify and produce new products from our U.S., and Chinese facilities in accordance with our customer cost, technical,  and agility goals. TDI Power employs Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) which enhances reliability and, Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) which detects manufacturing or component flaws, on each and every unit. Meticulous failure analysis and thorough correction action results in continuous improvement and ever increasing MTBF.